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Yes, it is your responsibility
Are you doing right by your bird?      Food?      Cages?     Feather Plucking?    and lots more
Pet Question
Your pet is a life

It is not a toy - and it is not disposable

"We remain responsible forever for what we have tamed"           
(Antoine de Saint  Exupery)
Do you really love your pet?   

The moment you accept an animal into your life, you need enough  money put aside for
urgent care and you need to establish a vet.  

You can be sure an emergency  will happen on a weekend, holiday, in the middle of the night
 and a month after you've lost your job.  

If you cannot do this - you cannot afford the animal  

*** even if it's free ***
With  you  there  is  life
We are honored and
proud members of the
Leaders Club
We are not a 501(c) charity.  We do not have the IRS dictate who we
can give our services or supplies to. We do not need to assign a value
to our services or supplies.  We are there to fill a need, no matter
We receive no grants or outside funds.  We need you
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Three in a shower!
If you contribute just $15.00 to our efforts to
feed, provide medical care and re-home the
animals in need; this gorgeous,
Victorian-Gothic-Native American looking
pendant is yours.   Each is hand made so the
one you get will be very similar, but unique to
you.  Feathers are guaranteed from a DNA
proven disease free macaw, naturally molted.
  You'll find a spectacularly colored feather or
two inside the pendant as well as 1 or 2
equally stunning feathers attached to the
  GORGEOUS!  Comes on a black velvet,
lobster clasp 'chain'