Ruby was hairless, one of the most severe cases of mange we'd ever seen when
rescued after her owners were arrested on drug charges.  She is in a forever home with
another dog and two children. A loving, gentle girl, she taught us the importance of
fighting for survival.
These two farm animals are now sharing
a healthy happy life in safety after
rescued from  someone who planned to
shoot them.
Sadie received the surgery she needed to correct toes on both feet.   She used to be a problem screamer and biter,
but these days she's much happier and a permanent resident of
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Sometimes our rescues are the victims of  
dogs or cats that have no supervision.
This is what he looks like now
This is Sam, a female blue & gold macaw,
submitted by her loving human, Rose
We are not a charity and we
have no outside funding.  It's
hard to do all this alone
This beauty is  Roo.  Her original name
was Rooster until the DNA results came in.

I am Roo's very proud 'aunt'
Everyone thinks that it's easy to find
homes for cute kittens.  When they
can't, they just throw them away.
This is Maggie.  She is a wild
caught, imported Red Lored
(aka: Yellow Cheeked)

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Meet Maggie's life saver

and many of the other birds

that have been given a new

opportunity for a happy,

healthy  lifetime   
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This very handsome fellow is Oliver
...and his equally handsome human is Andrew
Yes, this is a  real bird
Birds are not toys
This is how someone threw him away